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Strawberry Chocolate Champagne Cake
March 1, 2009, 22:00
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There was some leftover champagne from my working place, and I felt such a shame to throw such luxurious stuff away. So I was wondering what I could make out of it. I found some non – vegan recipes for champagne cakes, and decided to try to make something like that, but vegan. I also thought what would go well with the taste of champagne: traditionally it’s often strawberries and chocolate… So this is the end result: a vegan strawberry champagne cake with chocolate topping! So I made this cake for my friend Pinja’s birthday party.


100 g vegetable margarine

2 dl frozen strawberries, pureed

4 1/2 dl wheat flour

21/2 dl sugar

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp egg replacer

½ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp bourbon vanilla powder

2 dl champagne (or sparkling wine)


150g vegan dark chocolate (good quality)

50g vegetable margarine



Sugar pearls

1,5 dl powdered sugar

1 tbsp red berry juice concentrate

First I melted the vegetable margarine in a pan, and set in my cold outer corridor to cool down. Then I pureed the strawberries, using a handheld mixer. After that I mixed the dry ingredients in a bowl, and then added the pureed strawberries, the champagne and finally the margarine, careful not to beat it too much. Voilá! The consistency of the cake batter seemed right away perfect! I poured it into a greased cake tin, about 24cm in diameter and baked in the oven that was preheated to 175 C about 40 minutes, until the cake was nicely brown and did not stick to the edges of the cake tin. I put the cake to my corridor to cool, and after about two hours added the topping.

The topping was simply made by melting the chocolate and adding the margarine to it, and then beating the mixture smooth. It is indeed a very good idea to melt the chocolate in a microwave oven, if you have one, since otherwise it is too easy to get water into the mixture, which will make the consistency crumbly. I put the cake again cool down, and when the topping had hardened, I decorated it with a letter P that I made out of marzipan, and hearts that I made out of the powdered sugar and red juice paste. The juice a used is something that has been hanging around in the fridge for ages, and it has become rather thick, so it gives out a very nice colour. I usually just use an old plastic bag (the brand Minigrip is good, or any other bag with a distinguishable corner) when decorating, I pour the paste into a corner of the bag and, squeeze tight and cut off the corner. Then it is possible to draw all kind of nice shapes on top your cake.

I suppose that in this recipe it would be very much possible to use sparkling wine instead of champagne. The champagne that I used was rather dry, so if you are using something more sweet, maybe adjust the amount of sugar.


People at the birthday party liked the cake well enough, even if I did not think it tasted much like champagne or strawberries… they said that it was “a cake for grown – ups”, whatever that means, and said that there was definitely a taste of champagne in it. As an afterthought I would next time perhaps make the cake a layered cake, and put the strawberries in between the layers, to make the taste clearer.