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Were you ever told not to play with your food? I was not, and I am still doing it! I am a woman living in Southern Finland. My name is Salla. I love baking and cooking and the Earth, so I try to devote this blog for vegan recipes, even if I do not eat a completely vegan diet myself. Local food and slow food are great, even if my style of cooking is rather impatient and more described as fast and efficient . And I never, ever measure anything if I don’t have to! Cooking is also a part time profession for me. I love working creatively with food, and growing my own.

I do feel that the way most food is produced today is not sustainable or healthy for the planet or ourselves. That’s why I work with movements like permaculture and urban farming, as well trying to make people rememeber that an ecological lifestyle can also be fun and adundant.

I think the best food is created out of fresh, local organic produce, with passion, creativity and definetely a pinch of magic to help prepare every dish!

You can contact me via sallakuu (at) gmail.com

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I enjoy your site and thank you for the recipe for beetjuice lipgloss as I keep bees and always have lots of wax around. I miss Finland more than words can say and you keep me in touch with dear Finlandia.

Comment by Vanessa

Hello… cool site you have, am going to try some of your recipes 🙂

Comment by Claire

I really enjoy your site…the eco lifestyle! yay to that! wish there were more frequent updates though;-)
thanks! Jo

Comment by jo

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