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Playing with Food
May 3, 2010, 21:29
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Aren’t vegetables just the most beautiful things? Did you ever think of using them as a medium for art?

Of course, it is a very thin line in between Art and something your mother would have  scolded you for.  We discoursed that thin line between playing with your food and artistic self – expression at the Public School Helsinki, at a food sculpture workshop. The Public School is an amazing skill sharing project that exists in several other cities too. Maybe you’d like to start one where you live?

I piled everything on the table, and we got at it, with our fingers, knives, zesters, cheese slicers and peelers, cutting, molding and slicing.

The sculptures were beautiful.

Finally, we chopped them up and made a big pot of curry, and ate it together.  One of the sculptures we simply put in the oven whole, drizzled with some olive oil, salt and pepper. It became quite crispy and delicious.

It was so much fun… Soon, I’ll organise another workshop, with more food and people!

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Just looking at your pictures was so much fun and I am sure it was even more joyful to make all those masterpieces! I have always enjoyed the the arty side in my kitch, all the colors and shapes veggies can have.

Comment by Okriina

Thank you Okriina, I think we all do, don’t we?

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

Oh, I love it!
Everything looks gorgeously delicious and fun!
I am on a green smoothie kick right now, if you make them what is your favorite?

Comment by gardenmama

Thanks! I haven’t actually made any green smoothies, since there is always such an abundance of berries around me (in my freezer, my mom takes care of it). But this is actually a good idea, I’ll experiment a bit with it…

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

Beautiful! One of the reasons I prefer raw veggies to cooked ones is their briliant colour,which in most cases doesn’t stay once cooked.That workshop looks like so much fun!

Comment by Yaelian

That’s true! I love the colours of e.g. the stripy beetroot (raitajuuri), but it definetely looks dull when cooked…

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

These are so beautiful! And I love that you ate them too–mother couldn’t scold in that case.:) I went to a party once where there was a vegetable sculpture competition–it’s so much fun! We had a photo shoot and award ceremony afterward.

Thanks for the link to The Public School. It’s a great idea and I’ve never heard of it. Was food sculpture actually requested by the public? I’m intrigued!

Comment by Michele at A House Called Nut

Thanks Michele! Actually the food sculpture workshop was originally a suggestion (by the public) at another Public School, and somebody apparently just copied the suggestion for the Public School Helsinki. It’s one of the advantages of their system, you can see what’s going on in the other Public Schools as well. For you interesting might be that there are quite a few foreigners involved in the Public School business here, so there is also a fair bit of English spoken in many of the happenings. Don’t know though, maybe you are already fluent with Finnish 😉

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

Thanks, Salla! I’m excited about getting involved. I do speak Finnish, but not perfectly, and of course it’s always easier to speak my mother tongue. 🙂 Hopefully see you around!

Comment by Michele at A House Called Nut


Comment by The Ordinary Vegetarian


Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

I love the way you arranged everything on the table before you got started. Nice photos. Making me very hungry.

Comment by Tracy

Thank you Tracy!

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

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