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Baking with Ronja
November 16, 2009, 21:09
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What to do, when both the economic and winter depression hit you hard, at the same time? Economic depression so that your employer tells you that you are now needed ten hours less in a week, and winter depression so that you only want to sleep and eat unhealthy things.  But the situation is not hopeless , because then you have a good chance to  invite your four-year old  god child for a  baking therapy session! This is what I did, and it cheered me up immensely.

Baking is so therapeutic! I can easily massage any kind of worries into a dough, and as I’ve noticed, generally the doughs don’t take it ill at all, but only become fuller and more dense. So I guess a bread dough doesn’t give a damn about human worries. And also, when the finished product emerges from the oven, it makes me feel like the Ultimate Creatrix, and that’s  also the reason why I call myself Goddess of Cake, not because I would be splendidly good at baking cakes… actually, with cakes I’ve had more desperate moments than with any other food that I’ve ever made.

Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon,  Ronja, her mother and me. Ronja insisted on bread rolls with carrot, and me on chocolate – cashew muffins, so we baked both, ate  some and took the rest to my neighbour. The bread rolls were fluffy and delicious, the muffins well risen and rich in chocolate, so supposedly they were high in all that stuff that is so good for sunlight – deprived people (tryptofan?).

ronja baking

hands in dough

ronja baking2

me and ronja

ronja and bread roll

Since I know that you my readers are all familiar with the recipes of both carrot bread rolls and chocolate muffins, I thought to share here another baking therapy – recipe. I used to bake a lot of bread a few years ago,  I guess enough to write a whole book on all my adventures in the amazing Sourdough Land. I even used to have a hundred year old rye – bread sourdough starter (leaven) that originated somewhere in Archangel, Russia, but these days it has sadly passed away in lack of TLC (though its sisters continue existence with some of my friends).

So first a few basic tips to good bread:

– If you use yeast, don’t use it very much, but instead let your dough rise for longer time, to ensure more flavour.

– Use fresh flour! If you can grind your own, do it! At least here you can get your flour ground in an organic shop.

– When the dough is rising, put it to a nice warm spot and cover with a lid, not with a kitchen towel, to protect the dough from drying.

– If you are not using a Kitchen Aid or other machinery to knead your dough, you are in for a work – out! Knead it until you sweat and your hands tremble, but at least for 10 minutes. The kneading very important for the density of the dough, and without it the gluten won’t work properly.

– There should always be enough salt in bread dough, because it helps with the consistency a great deal. Good amount is 20g/1 kg of flour.

lingonberry bread

Lingonberry Bread

This bread recipe is adapted from one of my all time favourite cook books, “Tillfällen att njuta en liten smula” by Therese Wikström from Danmark.

3 breads

Starter dough:

250 g whole wheat flour

3 g yeast

1 1/2 l water

Mix these ingredients and cover. Let stand at least 1 hour, preferably overnight.

Then add:

20 g yeast

4 dl water

500g whole spelt flour

420 g whole wheat flour

60 g honey

200 g lingonberries

40g olive oil

20 g salt

Knead the dough for 12  minutes, before adding the lingonberries, and then fold them in and let the dough rise for one and half hours, before you shape the loaves. Let the loaves rise on a baking sheet for one hour, in place that is protected from draft.  Bake 30 – 40 minutes in a 200°C oven.  The bread is ready when it sounds hollow when you knock the bottom.


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What an adorable little helper you had for your nice bread recipe:-)

Comment by Yaelian

I used to do a lot of baking a few years ago and made the same remarks. Baking is kitchen chemistry, but fun!

Comment by okriina

Well this should explain why my breads sometimes make it and sometimes fly straight to the bio waste bin. My cheeks got gradually redder and redder as I red your checklist.

Comment by Malitsu

Such lovely pictures! Making food together really is fun and chocolate is good for you (?). I just did my best-ever chocolate 😉 Though it’s mostly carob but even better so.

Päivän viisaus (jotain keittiöpsykologiaa vastaavaa): onko sulla jo kirkasvalolamppu? Muista myös D-vitamiinit 🙂

Comment by Hanna

Thanks for your compliments! Yaelian, Ronja is very cute but has a rather feisty temper 😉 Malitsu, baking bread is kind of tricky and kitchen chemistry like Okriina says.. I’ve made a lot of bread that ended up in the biowaste too.. Hanna I think you should publish your recipes!

Comment by goddessofcake

I love your blog and your recipes! But you probably already know this as I posted it as my favourite blog of the month on my site. My mom is of Finnish descent. Her in Canada we have to use bog cranberry or even high bush cranberry to make some of the Finnish recipes as we don’t have the lignon berry. I am not fond of winter either and it is dark here now by 4:30 p.m.

Comment by Nancy Guppy

Thank you Nancy! I did notice you had posted my blog, and I got so many new visitors because of that!

Comment by goddessofcake

Baking therapy with your god daughter and family sounds like it was so wonderful! What great pictures, Ronja is so cute :). I will have to try the bread, it looks delicious! oh–and cakes are the baked good that i’ve had my most troublesome moments with too–they can be very finicky! cheers 🙂

Comment by tricia

Tricia, I’m glad somebody else thinks cakes are troublesome too, especially when it is you 🙂

Comment by goddessofcake

Olen flunssassa kotona ja viihdytän itseäni lukemalla blogeja. Ihania juttuja sulla! Sain oivalluksiakin, Megapoliksesta ja vainajien muistopäivästä ja Lumikista mm.
Voisitko joskus järjestää leivontaterapiaa mullekin=) Kuulostaa toimivalta!

Comment by Laura

Juu järjestetään sessiot!

Comment by goddessofcake

Great post, wonderful photos and very cute little girl :)))

Comment by fedora

Thanks Fedora!

Comment by Salla@Goddess of Cake

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