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Apple Pie for Snow White
October 18, 2009, 12:04
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When I was in Fifth Grade at school we made a play on the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dvarves. I played the mean stepmother the queen, and I was quite proud of it. But I don’t think I learned my lesson that time. Would you rather be a wicked witch married to a king, or a timid princess that instead of resolving her problems escapes to the forest and ends up cleaning and cooking for a bunch of lame dvarves, and then has to be saved by a prince ? I think she totally deserves that poisonous apple! As far as I’m concerned, I have been many years that princess with no other means to deal with stuff but to escape, and only now I’m trying to learn the skills of a queen, and help me fate if that’ll  end me up as badly as the queen in the Grimm’s brother version of this fairytale!

But that’s the lesson life wants to teach us: to accept that poisonous apple, transform and transcend, and above all, to continue living our lives, instead of hiding in the woods. Any creative work can help with it, since it somehow becomes larger than your life. Sounds like cliche but it’s true, on a bad day this blog can be a hungry child that says to me: I am needy, go on, live your life so that you’ll have something to write about here! And so I’ll need to brazenly face magical mirrors, evil stepmothers and poisonous apples. So this is the little secret i promised you Kamomilla for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award (thank you!). That when I was drowning this blog saved me, like Julie says in the movie Julie&Julia.

So my dear Snow White, in order to get you finally killed, I prepared this ve – ery nice apple pastry for you. Look at that luscious, red cheeked apple baked in with all this delicious stuff, doesn’t that make you hungry?

Apple and Lingonberry Squares

A while ago Bazu and Luciana, who are vegan bloggers from the States found me on a site of a hospitality organisation, and visited me one day on their way to Vienna. They brought me some amazing vegan goodies from America, like these strange butterscotch morsels that are meant for baking. I have no idea what they do with them in the States, but I decided to use them for apple and lingonberry squares. I simply sprinkled them on top the pastry and they melted in the oven. This type of pastry is actually what we call a pie in Finland, but the idea is quite far from the American fruit pies. Basically this kind of “pie” has a farely thick layer of batter, which is sprinkled with berries or fruits.

lingonberries and butterscotch


3 dl wheat flour

2 dl whole grain spelt flour

2 dl muscovado sugar

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp vanilla sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

3,5 dl soy milk

200 g  oil

On top

4 dl sliced apples

4 dl lingonberries

3 dl butterscotch morsels

cinnamon, muscovado sugar

This is very easy:  just mix the dry ingredients, and then add the milk and the oil. Pour evenly onto a baking pan covered with baking parchment.Cover with apple slices and lingonberries, and then sprinkle with cinnamon, muscovado sugar and butterscotch. Bake in 200 °C for about 30 minutes.

apple and lingonberry squares


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wow this looks great!
check out my recipe blog and tell me what you think:


Comment by Michael

Now that I think of it,you do have a point , regarding that famous Grimm tale. To be a queen like that,albeit not a mean one, surely beats the part of the escaping princess..;D
Those butterscotch morsels look and sound so yummy, that pie must have been really delicious!

Comment by Yaelian

Thanks Michael and Yaelian!

Comment by goddessofcake

When living in the US. I used to put those butterscotch-morsels into the cookies. They where real butter though but it seems the vegan ones behave in the same way. It is a shame you can’t get those here in Finland! Lovely squares!

Comment by Okriina

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