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Hemp Seed Bread Spread with a Hint of Lemon
July 5, 2009, 20:57
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Hemp seed is an incredibly healthy thing to eat, if you are a vegan. They contain omega6 and 3, and lots of protein.  Also, hemp is an extremely ecological plant to grow: it doesn’t need much fertilizer, and it is pretty resistable to weeds and insects.  And needless to mention, but the variety of hemp that is grown for the seeds does not have any intoxicating qualities!

A hemp bread spread like the following one was commonly eaten in Finland in the 19th century.  Meanwhile it has been forgotten until these days, when some Finnish vegans invented it again. My version of it contains this time lemon basil, but it could contain some other herbs or spices too.  Sage goes quite well with it.  It keeps in the fridge a week or so.

Hemp Seed Bread Spread with Lemon Basil


500 g hemp seeds

2 dl oil

4 dl water

1 tbsp salt

2 – 3 dl fresh lemon basil leaves

I start by toasting the seeds on a dry frying pan. It takes a while, and it is important to keep stirring the seeds in order to avoid burning them. Then I add the water, oil, salt and the lemon basil, and mix the whole lot with a hand held mixer.

The flavour of the toasted hemp seed is really nutty and strong, and it goes really well together with the lemon basil. Also the consistency of this spread is nice in my opinion: it is very crunchy!


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Great idea to make a spread from hemp seeds. I’ve only made burgers and cutlets using hemp seeds — I definitely have to widen my repertoire!

Comment by Heikki

I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for sharing. = )

Comment by thesensualveganlady

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